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Wilson & Sons Septic Legacy

Wilson & Sons Septic has been a cornerstone of the septic service industry in Northeast Michigan since 1976. Built on a legacy of quality and reliability, we’ve grown from a small family business into a trusted community name. Under the leadership transition in 2013, we’ve maintained our commitment to excellence, treating every customer and employee like family. Specializing in a range of septic solutions, we’re known for our exceptional service, innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Joining our team means becoming part of a tradition that values hard work, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Why Work With Wilson & Sons Septic

A Family Atmosphere

Supportive Environment

Our workplace culture is centered around support and respect. We believe in fostering a family atmosphere where every team member feels valued and heard. Regular meetings and open communication ensure everyone is connected and informed.

Competitive Benefits

Our employees enjoy comprehensive health benefits, a 401k match, and competitive salaries. We believe in rewarding hard work and dedication, ensuring our team is well taken care of.

Continuous Learning

We’re committed to ongoing training and development, offering opportunities for our staff to grow their skills and advance their careers within the industry. Embrace the chance to learn from experienced professionals.

Dedication to Innovation

Working with us means being part of a team that offers innovative services like Terra Lift technology. Be at the forefront of the septic service industry with unique solutions that make a difference.

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